Web Development

I can help you take your existing website to a new level, or create a site from the ground up.

xxx Responsive Design

I'll work with you to create a website that works on multiple devices - computer screens, tablets, smartphones.

xxx Interactive Tools

I can create custom widgets for your website that give it a new level of interactivity and improve user input.

Online Mapping

I have been developing interactive online maps for over ten years, using a variety of technologies.

I can take you beyond a simple Google map to one that tells your unique story.

xxx Online Databases

Most web forms work with cookie cutter content-management systems that have limited capacity to collect and share data.

I can help you develop a full online database system to serve your specific needs.

xxx Interactive Tours

I can help you tell your story in new ways.

xxx Development Skills

I have expertise in a range of web technologies, including ASP.NET, Javascript/JQuery, SQL Server, OpenLayers, HTML5, CSS3.