Planning and Training

Information Systems I can help you assess how you currently use technology for communications both within and beyond your organization. I will help you identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and unrealized potential within your current technology-supported systems. I'll work with you to re-tool your current system and implement cost-effective new technology tools for interacting with your clients and reaching new audiences.
Web Communications The Web represents a boon and a curse for nonprofits, who can reach audiences in ways never before possible, but must work relentlessly to maintain a fresh web presence and provide content to multiple outlets. I'll work with your organization to develop a holistic and efficient approach to manage web communications; identify the appropriate web technologies to support your mission and convey your message; and work with you to implement new tools and practices.
Documentation Practices nonprofit organizations rarely do an effective job of building a body of documented proof for their work. Operating on scarce resources within a hectic timeframe, organizations neglect to build a history of their own work that can be leveraged to help them attain a new level of recognition and resources. Based upon my handbook, Documenting the Arts: A Practical Handbook for Cultural Organizations, I present one-day and two-day training workshops that will help any nonprofit organization develop an internal system for creating a tangible record of their ongoing work by integrating documentation practices into their normal business methods.