New Dramatists Logo New Dramatists `

Founded in 1949, New Dramatists is one of the country's leading playwright centers and a nationally recognized new play laboratory.

Since 2011, I have been working with New Dramatists to document its Full Stage USA initiative, which seeks to address the field-critical issue of new works 'stalling' in development by collaborating with 7 producing theaters throughout the U.S.

Through a process of collaborative documentation, my team has worked with participants to articulate and share their reflections with each other as the initiative has progressed.

New England Museum Association New England Museum Association

NEMA is the regional museum association for New England, with a thriving network of museum professionals.

For NEMA, I've developed a mechanism to update its monthly museum attendance database, and I'm currently working with them to add a mapping component to their website.

The Boston Foundation Logo The Boston Foundation

The Boston Foundation is one of the oldest and largest community foundations in the nation, and works to strengthen communities throughout Greater Boston.

I have worked with TBF on a number of projects, including serving as the chair of the Cultural Indicators committee for the Boston Indicators Project, development of a data extraction program for the Boston Children & Families Database, compiling data for the comprehensive report Passion & Purpose: Raising the Fiscal Fitness Bar for Massachusetts Nonprofits, and a building a demonstration website providing financial information on Massachusetts nonprofits.

RMC Research Corporation Logo RMC Research / Heritage Preservation

RMC Research is a national leader in program research and evaluation, professional development, consultation, and product development, with six regional offices throughout the U.S.

I worked with RMC to develop the 2004 Heritage Health Index, a comprehensive survey sampling 15,000 institutions with material culture collections in the U.S.

For the 2004 project, I developed the web-based online survey that accompanied the paper-based survey form.

The Heritage Health Index is currently being updated with a new 2014 survey to assess the current state of cultural heritage collections.

Based on the success of the earlier web survey, the 2014 survey will be entirely web-based, and I am working with RMC to build the new survey on my MapForms™ platform.

New England Foundation for the Arts Logo New England Foundation for the Arts

While Director of Research at NEFA, I spearheaded the development of its work in the Creative Economy.

I have continued to work with NEFA to support its Creative Economy Research. Principally, I developed the CultureCount online database to track longitudinal information about the region's creative enterprises.

I have co-authored a series of economic impact studies on the regions creative economy, and developed a reproducible framework for studying the industries that comprise the creative sector.

My publications with NEFA also include a handbook for documentation.

Leveraging Investments in Creativity Logo Leveraging Investments in Creativity (LINC)

LINC was launched in 2003 as a ten-year philanthropic experiment to effect change in the support system for artists in the U.S.

I consulted with LINC to assist them in establishing a documentation program for their community-based projects.

Rockefeller Foundation Rockefeller Foundation

I developed two reports for the Rockefeller Foundation:

Developing an Effective System for the Commissioning and Touring of International Work examined the current state of international performing arts touring in the United States, and developed recommendations for improving network development, distribution strategies, and contextualization.

I also worked with anthropologist Khatarya Um to develop an internal assessment of Rockefeller's cultural funding to organizations within Cambodia over a ten-year period, and provide recommendations for future support.

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Logo Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

For the Mellon Foundation's Dance Development Centers initiative, I worked with OAM, Inc. to establish a process of collaborative documentation to gain feedback from the participants as the initiative developed.

I authored the interim and final cross-site documentation summaries to support the initiative's culminating convening.

Ford Foundation Logo Ford Foundation

Over a six-year period, I worked with the Ford Foundation to support its initiative Internationalizing New Works in the Performing Arts

The initiative supported the development of collaborative works by U.S. artists working with artists from Latin America, Africa, and Asia, and was administered through five regional performing arts organizations and two national arts funders.

During this work, I developed the collaborative documentation approach to support the development of a learning community among the participants.

I managed a team of anthropologists who established a primary relationship with the grantees, and worked with them to decide how to share knowledge of successful practices and obstacles to collaboration.

I organized a series of convenings at sites throughout the U.S., and managed the publication of several major reports from the initiative.

The Sharing Foundation Logo The Sharing Foundation

The Sharing Foundation works to meet the physical, emotional, educational and medical needs of orphaned and seriously disadvantaged children in Cambodia.

To assist the Foundation in its development efforts, I donated my time to build a donor database that it could use for its newsletter mailings and other activities.

American Academy of Arts & Sciences Logo American Academy of Arts & Sciences

Founded in 1780, the American Academy of Arts & Sciences is one of the oldest learned societies and independent policy research centers in the country.

To assist the development of its Humanities Indicators initiative, I authored a white paper assessing the availabiity and quality of data sources on the humanities in the United States.